Top 10 Cameras Under $300 For Good Video Production 2019

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List of the top 10 cameras under $300 that work great and will shoot at least HD 1080p video. Tuber Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter breaks down his favorite top buys if you want to get into videography on a budget.

You will be surprised at how good of a deal you can get now if you want to get into making videos without having to buy the latest high-end camera gear. Even under $300 you will get some top names like Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Samsung, and Pentax.

Most people don’t need 4k video quality when starting out so 1080p quality is just fine. Even if they shoot in 4k many of the top Youtubers will downsize they video to 1080p before they upload it do to file size. If you have a slower internet connection it could save you over an hour of upload time versus 4k. Also unless you have a newer and faster computer or laptop you might not even be able to edit 4k video.

In my opinion out of his top camera picks I would recommend either the Sony a5100 or the Canon EOS M. But that is just my person choice.

The Cameras:
These are all the cameras he talked in order of appearance below.

Sony NEX 5n

Sony a5000

Sony a5100 – eBay

Sony NEX-6

Canon EOS M – eBay

Canon T2i – eBay

Panasonic GH2

Panasonic GX7 – eBay

Samsung NX2000 – eBay

Samsung NX1000

Pentax Q7

Pentax Q-S1 – eBay

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