Soligor 21mm f3.8 vs Canon SSC 50mm F1.4 vs Helios 103 53mm F1.8 Vintage Lenses

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Vintage lenses portrait shootout between three different categories of lenses. The Soligor FD 21mm f3.8 vs Canon FD SSC 50mm F1.4 vs Helios 103 53mm F1.8 that has been modded with a Tilt–Shift adapter.

Tuber Mathieu Stern gives us a portrait session comparison between these three entirely different vintage lenses.

Soligor 21 mm f3.8 Wide-Auto Lens Specs: Buy Here
It is an ultra wide angle prime lens for 35 mm SLR cameras with Canon FD, FDn, or M42 screw mount.

Canon SSC 50mm F1.4 Specs: Buy Here
It is normal prime lens for Canon FD SLR cameras with 7 elements in 6 groups

Helios 103 53mm F1.8 Specs: Buy Here
It is a standard prime lens for FF and APS-C with 6 elements in 4 groups

This video just goes to show what a good photographer can do with theses vintage lenses. You don’t always have to own the latest high end camera gear to make great photos. You can find more by Mathieu Stern at his site.

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