How To Set Up And Use Vintage Lenses On Sony A7rii Or A7riii

How to use the Sony A7rii or A7riii with vintage lenses for stills with no newer features like auto focus, vibration reduction, metering, CPU contacts or even simple EXIF info. This video shows how to set up the A7Rii or A7Riii so that it accepts a lens it cannot see.

The video also shows how to use focus peeking and magnification to help with the process of manual focus. Tuber New2Photography uses Nikon Nikkor lenses as example, but you can use any type of “manual” vintage lens, as long as you have a lens mount specific adapter to go between the Sony camera body and the vintage lens you have.

Camera Gear Used In Video:
Sony A7rii Camera Here
Metabones Nikon G Mount Lens to Sony E-mount Adapter Here
Cheaper Nikon G Mount Lens to Sony E-mount Adapter Here

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