Vintage Lenses On Instant Camera Demo Video

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vintage lens instant camera Nons Sl42

Trying out the latest vintage lens capable instant camera.

Complete with format extender to remove most of the vignette vintage lenses create on larger format paper.

The 2021 version of the Nons SL42 instant camera has a couple of improvements. The biggest being the addition of the format extender to rid it’s self of the peep hole vignette it used to leave on a print.

The first version of the camera used 35mm lens was geared for a standard 35mm frame (36×24 mm) not the 62×46mm needed so you got a large vignette effect on the image. Way better with this second version.

You can find the NONS SL42 EF Mount SLR Instant Camera & NONS Format Extender on sale her now.

Thanks to Mathieu Stern for the great vintage gear review.

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