Top 5 50mm Vintage Lenses Reviewed – Industar, Helios, Jupiter 8, Summitar, Olympus

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A review with some of the top 50mm vintage lenses to adapt to mirrorless cameras. This is presented with sample images of these five favorite 50mm vintage lenses. Best lenses included are the Olympus Zuiko f1.4, the Leica Summitar f2.0, the Jupiter 8 f2.0, the Helios 44 f2.0, and the Industar 61 f2.8.

All of these vintage 50mm lenses have individual quirks that make them better than others in different photography situations. Take the Jupiter 8 f2.0 which gives you more a a muted look. This can help make an image feel like you were filming back in the 60’s. The Helios 44 f2.0 will give you a different style with it’s swirly bokeh and beautiful lens flairs when shooting into the sun.

These vintage lenses can all be adapted to fit in Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, and other mirrorless camera bodies.

Thanks to Tuber Zenography for the great vintage lens comparison.

You can find links to the lenses below:
Olympus Zuiko f1.4 Here
Leica Summitar f2.0 Here
Jupiter 8 f2.0 Here
Helios 44 f2.0 Here
Industar 61 f2.8 Here

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