Tips To Find Birds In Camera Viewfinder Quick For Best Photo

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Tips To Find Bird In Camera Viewfinder Quick
How to find a bird in your viewfinder when using long telephoto lenses takes skill and practice. Finding a small bird in your viewfinder as a distance is one of the most common reasons you miss the photo. This birding tips and help video will speed up your bird acquisition time to a pro level with just a bit of training.

Australian bird photographer and Tuber Jan Wegener gives up one of his best secrets to getting the best photos.

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“I am sure you’ve had one of these bird photography moments as well. The bird lands right in front you of, perfect pose and by the time you look through the viewfinder it’s gone! So frustrating, but that’s bird photography! Or is it?” Says Wegener.

Improve your birding skills. Birding tips books.

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