Camera Tips And Settings For Animals And Wildlife Photography

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Photo Tips And Settings For Animals And Wildlife Photography
Some great tips on getting the best camera settings for animals and other wildlife when traveling. Theses will help you be ready to get the best photo when given the opportunity out in the woods, on the road or even while on safari. This applies to birding and wildlife photography.

Will Goodlet is sharing his wildlife photography safari tips while out on a game drive. He meets a herd of Buffalo, finds some cheetah scat, and visits his favorite photo spot while out in the grasslands.

Goodlet makes videos about what he believe to be important in nature photography, This is the behind the scenes story of how he gets some of his best shots. It is not easy to switch between stills photography and video. You won’t always capture video footage of the wildlife, a usable photo and a good explanation of the process. He tries to put it together to tell a good story or to share some info that will help you to capture similar shots.

He doesn’t often talk about camera settings or equipment because in most cases it’s possible to capture versions of the shot with different settings and different gear. So, there is no perfect solution. There is instead, a range of them.

Goodlet has found that this is often difficult to explain to beginners who typically wants to follow a script.

“Wildlife photography doesn’t really have many scripts, we are confronted by a range of problems and it is experience, practice, and patience that offer the best solutions” says Goodlet.

“Well beyond camera gear and settings, wildlife photography, like life, becomes a game of chance and calculated opportunity. It’s this experience that I hope to share in most of my videos because this is what really makes the difference between a snapshot and a wildlife photograph.”

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  1. I have never seen this Will Goodlet guy before but he should have his own wildlife show. He does a better job than most of the films I have watched on Netflix.

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