How To Put C-mount 16mm Video Camera Lens On MFT Micro Four Thirds

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How to get a cheap vintage C-mount 16mm video camera lens to fit on your Micro Four Thirds MFT mirrorless modern camera. The camera adapter video shows you what you can do with an old, discarded vintage C-mount 16mm video camera. Getting that great old lens off and mounting it on your new MFT camera.

Please thank tuber ‘Fotodiox’ for the video help. The vintage 16mm Motion Picture lenses in the video below are a good cheap lens option for Micro Four Thirds cameras. In the video below, Sean shows us the way to get a c-mount lens, by way of adapter, on the cheap and gives a look at the retro film feel you can make with the lens.

Also check out this article by Peter Y Lin on how to choose the best type and style of C-mount lens to use on your MFT or other mirrorless camera.

You can find good deals on old vintage 16mm Motion Picture cameras here.

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