Getting Funky Bokeh From Mixing Lenses Together

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vintage lens combo Funky Bokeh
You can get some crazy funky bokeh while combining weird vintage lenses with an Anamorphic lens rig. Mathieu Stern and Justin Bacle get together to create a few vintage lens combinations to produce some stretched and swirly background blur.

Mathieu Stern’s Anamorphic photo and video rig is almost ready for action, but before he gets all the gear together in the next couple of weeks, he got with Justin Bacle to combo up his weird vintage lenses and his Anamorphic set up.

These lens combos produced some really interesting bokeh. Hopefully he will share the rest of his test videos when Stern starts pairing up his old lenses with is Anamorphic gear.

Some of the lenses Stern used in the video below:
Sankor 16d Anamorphic lens.
Canon FD 85mm f1.8 lens
Custom Focus adapter
Sony A7iii
Cinestar 75mm F1.9 projector lens
Tamron 90mm F2.5 lens
Sony NEX lens adapter

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