Cheap M42 Vintage Lenses on Sony A6000 A6300 A6500 Adapted

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We take a look at this tutorial about six quality vintage M42 lenses that you can buy for under $150. Quality M42 lenses can be used on modern mirrorless cameras, like the Sony A6000, using a M42 to E-mount adapter.

When searching for vintage lenses the options for your Sony A6000+ camera can be overwhelming. Older M42 lenses are very affordable for most people. Vintage glass that you can start using on your A6000 today can be bought online on the cheap. These are easy to find on eBay, and many cost less than $50 per lens, with some as low as $5-20 if you can find the right deal. Thanks goes out to Dan Bullman Photography for the great video.

1) Buy Auto Chinon 55mm f/1.7 on eBay

2) Buy Auto Chinon 35mm f/2.8 on eBay

3) Buy Pentax 50mm f/1.4 on eBay

4) Buy Helios 44-2 58mm f/2 on eBay

5) Buy Aetna Rokunar 28mm Macro on eBay

6) Buy Pentacon 135mm f/2.8 on eBay

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