6 Quick Ways To Do A Hyperlapse For Best Results Tutorial

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Making a hyperlapse video can be fun but very time consuming if done the conventional way. There are now several other ways to produce a hyperlapse, some are much more effective than others. Most hyperlapse methods take a very long time, but, some can be achieved in a matter of just a few minutes. This video will walk you through the step for the short version of a hyperlapse.

Emily Lowrey of Micro Four Nerds walks us through her favorite steps for getting the best quality hyperlapse videos.

One big tip for taking hyperlapse videos is to make it longer than you think you need. A lot of times, it’s just impossible to get the footage completely stable. There are some takes, in which you will have to cut off the unstable part. So, if your shot is longer than you think you will need you can choose the best part and cut the worse ones out.

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