What Nikon Vintage Lens Markings Colors Mean On AI And AIS

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Nikon Vintage Lens Markings colors Mean
What do the Nikon AI and Nikon AIS vintage lens colors and marking mean and what are they for. This video will help you understand the color codes, numbers and why there are two different aperture scales on the lens.

Have you ever wondered what all those numbers an colors mean on all your old Nikon AIS vintage lenses? And why are there two sets of F-stop aperture number rows on the barrel.

Well, Tuber ( David Saylors Instagram @lowstressphotog ) gives use the Nikon lens tutorial for all the new people adapting vintage lenses to their mirrorless cameras.

More about those two sets of aperture scales. Nikon FE film cameras used an aperture direct readout system. There was a small window above the lens mount that allowed the smaller set of aperture number to be seen through the viewfinder. This would keep you from having to look at the lens to check your aperture. You could now see your settings when your eye was too the viewfinder.

Most of the information in the video applies to many other vintage lenses.

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