Top 5 Best Russian Vintage Lenses For Mirrorless Cameras

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Top 5 Best Russian Vintage Lenses
Top 5 Best Russian Or Soviet Vintage Lenses For Mirrorless Cameras like the Sony a7iii or Nikon and Canon models. Most of these lenses have a low price and all or them together can be had for cheaper than many of the new Sigma lenses.

This Russian vintage lens lineup is geared towards the budget level price point. This is just so more people will be able to afford them.

1. Mir 1B 37mm f2.8 in M42 mount. They come with two aperture control rings. One has hard stops and the other is clickless for total control.

2. Helios 44-2 58mm f2 in M42 mount. Usually the first Soviet vintage lens people buy. Sought after for it’s swirly bokeh.

3. Jupiter-37A 135mm f/3.5 in M42 mount. Another of the “Zeiss Sonnar” like 135mm’s from the former USSR.

4. Jupiter-8 50mm f/2 in M39 Mount. A 40.5mm filter size lens manufactured from 1950-1974 in the Soviet Union.

5. MC Kaleinar-5N 100mm f/2.8 in Nikon Mount. It has more of the 3D pop micro contrast that the other lack.

Thanks to Tuber “Vintage Camera Guy” for the great Russian vintage lens list video.

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Russian Vintage Lenses For Mirrorless Cameras

  1. Why would anyone waste money on this russian JUNK? There are so many other lenses in these mounts that are also inexpensive and blow these junk lenses out of the water.

  2. @Scott – Junk? There are loads of great Russin lenses. Many of those Russian lenses started as Zeiss lens before they moved the plant to Russia. The plant location was Russia then but now part of the Ukraine. The MC Kaleinar-5N 100mm f/2.8 in the video is way better than the Nikon 100mm f2.8. So much better 3d feel and sharper also.

  3. Exactly, the Japanese made M42 lenses Are much better, Pentax Takumars, Namiya and especially Fujinon with ebc coating, blowing this russian junk away, and price sometimes even cheaper for the lens with the same characteristics…
    Btw almost all USSR junk is a stolen Carl Zeiss designs, just times more cheaper and poorly made…

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