Sony A7iii vs Sony A7Riii vs Sony A9 Which Should I Get

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Comparing the difference between the Sony A7iii, Sony A7Riii, and the Sony A9. This will help you decide which of the Sony full frame mirrorless cameras are best for you and your needs.

Deciding on which Sony full frame camera to buy can keep you waving between models for weeks. Should I spend twice as much to get the Sony A9 over the A7iii? Do I need the better auto focus and speed the A9 gives me. Or, would my money be better spent on the higher megapixel a7riii if I want to shot product photography and like to crop in on my images a lot?

Those questions can be hard to answer for many. The video below will help you make up your mind. Jason owns all three cameras and uses them daily to make his living. This puts him in a great position to give you advice on this subject.

Thanks to pro photographer Jason Lanier for the great video.

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