Sony 200-600mm Issue With Lens Creep

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Sony 200-600mm lens issue creep problems 3

Sony 200-600mm Issue With Lens Creep

– The problem I am having with my Sony telephoto zoom lens I it creeps from 200mm to around 350mm when pointed upwards.

Though lens creep with extending zoom lenses are very common, I was surprised to find I had this issue with an internal zoom lens.

This problem with the Sony 200-600mm lens is most apparent when shooting video. When taking video of birds up in trees at the wide end the lens will zoom in own its own. I could simply hold the zoom ring to stop the lens creep. But, sometimes this is not possible. I am often having to manually focus since tracking small birds in tree limbs is to tough to do with auto focus. Doing both zoom hold and fast manual focus is beyond my skill level.

It would be nice to hear from others with the Sony 200-600mm lens to see how many people are having this problem. Please comment on the amount of lens creep your 200-600mm has if any at all. Thanks.

The lens foot I use for 200-600mm can be found here.
The wrap I use on the lens hood can be found here.

One thought on “Sony 200-600mm Issue With Lens Creep

  1. After seeing this I had to go test my Sony 200-600mm lens. Well, to my surprise, my lens does this to. Not as much though. It will only move from 200mm to about 280mm when pointed straight up. I wish i had not seen this. It bothers me now.

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