SIGMA 100-400 Sony E-Mount Review And Test

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Review of the new SIGMA 100-400 Sony E-Mount with test photos. This is a review of the SIGMA 100-400mm Lens designed from the ground up for Sony E Mount Mirrorless Cameras.

Mirrorless camera lenses like this are perfect for wildlife, outdoor sports, capturing kids and pretty much anything else you can think of where you need some extra zoom range.

Thanks to Jared Polin for the great video.

As a SIGMA Contemporary lens, it is designed for performance and portability, and it feels really good in the hands — sized just right for the smaller full-frame bodies that mirrorless design makes possible, while offering long reach and creative versatility thanks to the 4x zoom range. This push-pull and twist-to-zoom action are both smooth, and the manual focus ring feels responsive as well. I was so impressed with the autofocus speed and accuracy in Continuous AF. The 3-zone focus limiter switch helps make the AF response even more snappy when set to shorter focus throws for near or far focus ranges.

You can find the SIGMA 100-400 Sony E-Mount here as soon a available.

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