Konica Lens Repair Fix Loose Focus Ring Hexanon AR 52mm f1.8

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Konica Vintage Lens Repair Video

Konica Lens Repair Fix Loose Focus Ring Hexanon AR 52mm f1.8.

How to take apart and fix slipping or loose focus ring on Konica Hexanon AR 52mm f1.8 vintage lens. Also works to repair many other Konica vintage lenses.

This will show you how to open up the lens from the front. You can get to the screw that holds the vintage lens’ focus ring and stop it from spinning freely. That will allow you to get accurate focus again.

The tools I used for the lens repair can be found here.
Lens Wrench
Rubber Lens Tools
Small Screwdriver Set

The Konica Hexanon AR 52mm f/1.8 is a classic manual focus lens that was produced by Konica for their 35mm SLR cameras. It was a standard lens, often sold as part of a kit with the camera body. Here are the specifications for this lens:

Focal Length: 52mm
Maximum Aperture: f/1.8
Minimum Aperture: Typically f/16 or f/22
Lens Mount: Konica AR (Autoreflex)
Optics: Usually 6 elements in 5 groups
Angle of View: Around 46 degrees (typical for standard lenses on a 35mm format)
Minimum Focus Distance: About 0.45 meters (1.5 feet)
Filter Size: 55mm
Diaphragm Blades: Typically 6 or more, depending on the specific model or production batch
Construction: Metal barrel and mount
Aperture Control: Manual
Focus Mechanism: Manual focus only
It’s worth noting that there might be slight variations in the specs depending on the production run, as lenses were sometimes updated or slightly modified during their production lifetime. This lens was known for its sharpness, contrast, and color rendition, and many vintage lens enthusiasts still seek it out for its character and the unique quality of the images it can produce.

Konica lenses, like the Hexanon AR 52mm f/1.8, can be adapted to modern digital cameras using appropriate mount adapters, allowing photographers to leverage their vintage character in modern digital photography.

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