How To Make Bird Photography Perch For Quality Images

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How to build a perch for bird photos and get great images. The video will show how to choose the right limbs and branches that will help frame the bird and help with a more natural appearance where the bird lands.

Jan Wegener shows us what we need to know when it comes to selecting perches for our Bird Photography.

What makes a good bird perch? What’s the correct shape? What should I be looking for when selecting perches for bird photography? These questions are all answered in the video below.

Wegener often spend hours finding for the perfect perches to compliment the birds he wants to photograph.

He takes us along when he filmed his video and shows us how he selected the perches for his bird photography adventure there in Australia.

Making your bird photos look my natural produces a better image. Most people prefer to see a bird in it’s natural surroundings as opposed to by itself.

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