Help With Starting A Vintage Camera Collection With Tips

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If you need help starting a vintage camera collection they video will get you started. Tuber ‘Phillip McCordall’ talks about what to look for when seeking out old SLR film camera to collect as a retirement investment.

This is a look at some simple tells for what a vintage camera may be worth and when you should pass on buying. Nikon, Canon, Pentax and Sony aren’t the only names in the camera business.

The lack of knowledge from a lot of camera sellers can bring some unjustified prices, mostly due to over expectation due to sentimental value. Sometimes on rare occasions a prize can be found, a camera that looks like another but has a much higher value. This is the rub in collecting anything, is not just the value, but the tracking down of something quite special.

When starting to collect a particular make or category of vintage camera often the miniature cameras attract your attention. These are a good place to start as mini cameras vary in price from very high to very low. Do your research as much as you can. Knowledge about those cameras will help you recognize the important buys at any Goodwill, thrift store, or flea market.

This is just a starter video to get you motivated. It is up to you to find you prize.

You can find the vintage camera guide book he was referring to here.

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