Canon FDn 24mm f2.8 Review When Used On Sony Cameras

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Canon FDn 24mm f2.8 Review
A look at how the Canon FDn 24mm f/2.8 wide-angle vintage lens works as an adapter lens on mirrorless cameras like the Sony a7,a7ii or a7iii.

Many people consider the Canon FDn 2.8/24 is one of the sharpest and affordable wide angle lenses available for adapting. It is a good solution for budget-minded Sony Alpha 7 camera users.

There are a few versions:
Canon made three different 24mm f2.8 FD lenses and not just the FDn version as tested here.

First version: Canon FD 24mm 1:2.8 chrome tip was introduced in 1971 and is a beefy 410g. It has a basic S.C. coating.

Next came the Canon FD 24mm 1:2.8 S.S.C. was introduced in 1973. It is a quality build and less heavy at 330g.

Last is the Canon (new) FDn 24mm 1:2.8 that was introduced in 1979 has the new mounting system (Breach Lock). It is not built as well but weighs in at 240g, so it feel much lighter. This is the lens used in the review video below.

The FD S.S.C. and new FDn used a floating focusing design but the FDn version added one more lens element.

Tuber “Seen Through The Lens” made to video below that show the good and bad effects you get with this lens when being used on a Sony mirrorless full frame camera.

Canon FDn 24mm f/2.8 Specs:
Diameter: 62mm
Length: 45mm
Filter Diameter: 52mm
Weight: 240g
Number of Aperture Blades: 6 (Curved)
Elements/Groups: 10/9
Mount: Canon FD

You can find the Canon FDn 24mm f/2.8 here at a good price.

One thought on “Canon FDn 24mm f2.8 Review When Used On Sony Cameras

  1. My older Canon FD 24mm f/2.8 lens is still one of my most used lenses. It is very sharp for an old wide lens. I used it on my Canon 5d mark ii for years. I now use it on my Sony a7iii with great results. It should last forever for me.

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