Best Settings Sony Cameras Low Light Videos And Nighttime Tips

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Some tips for filming in low light and at nighttime to reduce noise with Sony Cameras like the a7iii and A6400. The tips will help you cut down on the grain you see in footage that has be shot at too high of an ISO.

Sony Tuber Jason Vong dishes out how he gets the best nighttime results when out on dimly lit streets.

Tip 1: Know your ISO limit for the camera and lens combo. High ISO Limit of 1600 Micro 4/3, 3200 on APS-C, 6400 on Full Frame cameras to start.

Tip 2: Shutter Speed – Double Your Frame Rate. 24 frames per second – Shutter Speed: 1/50th. 30 frames per second – Shutter Speed: 1/60th.

Tip 3: Avoid Slow-motion to keep shutter speeds down. Will keep you from having to raise ISO.

Tip 4: Use Fast Aperture lenses. The can let in more light to keep ISO down.

Tip 5: Take advantage of available light. Use what little light you have to your advantage. Let those store windows light your scene.

Tip 6: Bring your own lights to brighten the location. Small LED video light are very cheap now. Like these lights here.

Tip 7: Shoot a timelapse. You can use slower lenses and get more image depth. The longer shutter times allowed will let you keep the ISO down.

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